For Employers

AMES will guide you and your employee(s) through the migration maze.

Appointing staff recruited from overseas is often problematic. Australia's immigration policies are subject to constant change and working out how current policies apply to your business is likely to be confusing and frustrating. Furthermore, whatever Australia's current policies, there are always many different pathways to obtaining a visa; working out which visa is most suitable for you and your prospective employee(s) is going to consume time which you could use more profitably in other ways to enhance your business. We think you'll find that it pays to delegate the whole process to a Migration Agent such as AMES.

AMES will provide you with up-to-date advice about -

  1. the most appropriate visa optionsClick for details of the visa options available to employers who want to sponsor a migrant to come and work for them in Australia. for both you, the employer/sponsor, and your intended employee,
  2. what is required of you, the employer, to obtain the preferred visa,
  3. what restrictions are imposed on the preferred visa,
  4. what is required of you, the employer, in terms of keeping records,
  5. what is required of your employee in meeting the obligations imposed by the preferred visa,
  6. what permanent residence options are available to your employee,
  7. whether and how other members of the emplopyee's family can be included,
  8. what happens if and when the employee's employment is terminated,
  9. any other issues you feel are relevant in appointing staff recruited from overseas.

AMES will provide you with comprehensive assistance -

  1. we will analyse your company’s eligibility for sponsoring overseas staff,
  2. we will make sure that you and the staff you are hoping to employ understand their legal obligations,
  3. we will ensure that you comply with all current immigration regulations,
  4. we will assist you with sourcing potential candidates, if required
  5. we will help you decide what visa would be most suitable for your company and your prospective employee,
  6. we will prepare and lodge the relevant nomination and visa application documents with DIAC,
  7. we will closely monitor the application process, including your sponsorship and your employee's skills assessment,
  8. we will keep you up-to-date with changes to immigration legislation, policies and procedures,
  9. we will deal with all relevant migration and visa issues.

So, if you have a staff member that requires help with immigration matters, or if you would like to know more about what's involved in recruiting staff from overseas, AMES can assist you and your company: find out how!