Occupational Trainee Visa (Subclass 442)

An Occupational Trainee is either a professional person who wishes to obtain further training and experience in their field in Australia and/or improve their work skills through training with an Australian employer, or an international student who wishes to prepare for their final examinations, write their thesis or do a practical semester at an Australian education institution. If this description applies to you, the Occupational Trainee Visa, which is a TEMPORARY visa, would allow you to complete a structured and supervised workplace-based training program or academic research in Australia on a temporary basis.


To be eligible for this visa you must -

  • have been employed in your current occupation, studying or engaged in your field of expertise for at least the last 12 months (unless exceptional circumstances justify that a visa should be granted despite a shorter period of experience), or
  • have recently graduated from an overseas educational institution and are:
    • seeking occupational training in a closely related field, or
    • undertaking research in your chosen field of study (other than full time research towards a further qualification).
  • be at least 18 years of age (unless there are exceptional circumstances)
  • have sufficient English to undertake the training programme and to ensure occupational health and safety standards are met
  • have a genuine intention to undertake the occupational training program
  • have adequate health insurance
  • be of good health and character


The Occupational Trainee visa allows you to stay in Australia for up to two years and can include dependants (or accompanying family members). An additional two months may be added beyond the training end date to allow you to make arrangements to leave Australia or to apply for another visa.

You need a Nomination

It follows from the above that an Occupational Training program needs two parties -

  1. an occupational trainee. i.e. you, and
  2. an Australian-based nominating business or institution that will provide the training,

so you need to secure a nomination from an eligible business or educational institution which is approved by the Department of Immigration, before you can apply for an Occupational Trainee Visa.