Assisting Employers

How does AMES assist employers in recruiting staff from overseas?

First of all we will meet with you to ensure that we fully understand your recruitment needs, in order to determine which type of employer sponsorship is most appropriate in your case - ENS or RSMS or 457 or Labour Agreement.

If we are certain that the kind of employee you require can be recruited from overseas under current immigration policies, we will explain in detail

  1. the recruitment strategy we recommend,
  2. what you are required to do,
  3. what information, documentation, evidence etc. you will need to provide,
  4. what you can expect us to do and
  5. how long the whole process is likely to take.

If you confirm that you are able to comply with everything we have explained and agree to go ahead, we will require you to sign an agreement with us, appointing AMES to establish and manage both your sponsorship application and the visa applications of any prospective employees.

We will then prepare and lodge the appropriate sponsorship application (ENS, RSMS etc) with DIAC. These are relatively inexpensive and worth securing before we start work on finding a suitable employee - unless you have a particular overseas person in your sights already.

Then, as soon as a suitable person to fill your vacancy has been identified, we will commence work on their visa application and steer it through the Skills Assessment (if not already completed) and the appropriate DIAC processes.

To speak to Juan Tobella, our Migration Agent, contact us by phone or email, or fill in the form below, briefly describing what you have in mind: