Applying for a Visa to emigrate to Australia

In applying for a visa to emigrate to Australia, you have 3 options:

  1. Option 1: you can try to manage the Visa application process yourself;
  2. Option 2: you can engage the services of a Registered Migration AgentBe sure you use a registered agent: if you don't, you are likely to be ripped off one way or another. (at a cost of up to $4,500), who will give you up-to-date advice and professional assistance right through the application process; or
  3. Option 3: you can ask us to analyse your situation to determine if you are eligible to emigrate to Australia and in due course gain Permanent Residence in this country - if you are prepared to pay us a small refundable fee for this service ($US 150).

Let us help you

Sample Eligibility Assessment ReportWe think it makes sense for you to seriously consider the third option - especially now that the Australian Government requires you to use SkillSelect and lodge an Expression of Interest in being invited to submit a visa application. You may save yourself a lot of work (Option 1) and/or a lot of money (Option 2) at minimal risk and expense!

In response to the information you give us we will send you a Comprehensive Eligibility Assessment Report with a detailed explanation of our conclusions and a range of recommendations on how you can achieve your goal of becoming a permanent resident of Australia.

Obtaining an Eligibility Assessment Report from us has the further advantage that AMES may be able to recommend an alternative application strategy, which could provide you with the benefit of gaining Permanent Residence rightaway - rather than a Provisional visa involving a wait of 2 years - by making use of opportunities available in specific Australian states or cities which we keep track of.

And in any case, if we did confirm that your Visa application is likely to be successful, you can still choose between Option 1 and Option 2 , (though you won't get a refund, of course).

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