Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme Visa - Subclass 187

The Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme (RSMS) is similar to the Employer Nomination Scheme, but it is specifically for employers in regional and low population growth areas in Australia.This is currently defined as all areas of Australia excluding Sydney, Wollongong, Newcastle, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane and the Gold Coast. For full details, including postcodes, click the link.

In order for you to be eligible for a Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme Visa, which is a PERMANENT visa, a range of conditions must be met, related to your employer, the position you are being offered, as well as you yourself as the visa applicant:

The EMPLOYER who wants to recruit you must:

The POSITION the employer wants to offer you must:

Furthermore, YOU as the APPLICANT must:

The advantage of the RSMS visa is that there is no need for you to meet one of the three additional conditions required for the ENS visa.For an ENS Visa you must have worked full-time in Australia in the occupation for which you are being nominated, while holding a specified visa (eg a 457 visa) for at least 2 years immediately prior to applying for the visa (including at least the last 12 months with the nominating employer) OR you must have qualifications assessed as equivalent to the Australian standard and have 3 years post-qualification experience in the occupation (unless the position is an exceptional appointment) OR you must be offered a position which attracts a base salary of at least the amount of salary specified in a Gazette Notice (currently A$165,000).