Skills Assessment

When you apply for a Skilled Visa you must provide evidence that your skills have been assessed as suitable for the occupation on the SOL which you have nominated for migration purposes. There is no single body for assessing your skills - each group of occupations has its own assessing authority. The main ones are:

It is your responsibility - or your Migration Agent's - to contact the relevant assessing authority and obtain a skills assessment. Each assessing authority has its own assessment procedures and criteria, timeframes and fees. If you do it all yourself, you are strongly advised to contact the relevant assessing authority well before you lodge your EOI to arrange your skills assessment.

When you have had your visa granted, it does not necessarily mean that you can be employed in your occupation in a particular state or territory of Australia. Some states have particular licensing or registration requirements for particular occupations. Your Registered Migration Agent will advise you on this matter.If they don't, ask them about it - or find another more helpful, caring and committed agent!

Skills Assessment is an essential, and critical, part of the visa application process. One of the services we offer at AMES is the provision of detailed information on the documentation required and extensive assistance in preparing your Skills Assessment application in order to ensure the likelihood of a positive outcome. Only in the case of a small number of assessing authorities is the application process a simple and straightforward one. Most of them require very specific and detailed evidence of your previous and current employment, including employment certificates. Some also require one or more essays The TRA asks for a Statement of Progression and Attainment of Competencies, while the ACS will accept you even if you don't have a formal qualification, as long as you can convincingly demonstrate in writing that you have acquired the necessary skills through appropriate prior learning. in which you have to explain how you have acquired your skills and expertise. Engineers Australia, for example, requires that you provide them with an extensive Competency Demonstration Report (CDR) as well as evidence of Continuous Professional Development (CPD).