Employer Sponsored Visas

The Australian Government has made a definite move towards a migration system in which preference and priority is given to skilled migrants with qualifications and skills/or experience in particular occupations required in Australia who are sponsored by an approved Australian or overseas employer with operations in Australia. These migrants may be employed in Australia on a temporary or permanent basis.

This means that if there is an employer in Australia (or overseas) who wants you to come and work for them in Australia, you may not only be eligible to apply for an Employer Sponsored visas, but your application will actually be given priority by DIAC. All this applies even if your occupation is NOT on the current Skilled Occupations List!

Basic Requirements for all Employer Sponsored Visas

If you meet the following requirements -
  • you are under 50 years of age,
  • you have a qualification and/or skills and experience in the occupation which your sponsoring employer has nominated for migration purposes,
  • you have good English ability and can prove this by gaining a minimum score of 5 in the IELTS Test- or a higher score if that should be required for your nominated occupation.
you may be eligible for one of the following three visas -

The last two are PERMANENT visas. The Business (Long Stay) Visa is a TEMPORARY visa, for which the requirements are somewhat more onerous in order to protect overseas workers from exploitation. Just click on the titles of three visas for details.

EMPLOYMENT IS THE KEYIf you want to get to Australia in less than a year, you need to have a job lined up for you.

Click this link to find out how to show your Professional Profile on the AMES AustJOBS Talent Exchange site to improve your chances.

To help our clients land a job in Australia AMES has formed an alliance with AustJOBS, an agency that focuses on matching prospective migrants wth prospective employers who are interested in sponsoring international professionals and trades people.

AMES is making membership of the AustJOBS Talent Exchange available to visitors to our Migration web site on a trial basis. Through this site you can now upload your Professional Profile to the AustJOBS Talent Exchange web site, where it can be viewed by Australian businesses looking to sponsor and employ someone from overseas who has the skills they are looking for.